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Thought this was insightful


Medication administer sequence list EMS

Paramedic IV picture final

national registry skill


for me personally it was nice to work on a advanced skill with a season medic. The guy who was training my self was a passionate man who loved medicine. I didn’t feel pressure practicing this skill. it’s nice to see the later group reaching out to the group below them.

Code 2 ring down emt BLS

A lot of times before I call the hospital I will briefly write down what I am about to say. If you have been doing this for awhile you will figure out some hospitals are more anal than others so it doesn’t hurt to quickly put down a couple extra facts of the patient just for safe keeping . Here is how I lay it out.
Unit #__________ Co__________
Location address_____________________________________
A+O __________
BP_________ P___________ R____________time________
BP_________ P___________ R____________time________


I read an article where ems providers when giving a report they use S.O.A.P

subjective finding =what you saw   “found laying supine on the floor”

objective=what the pt felt        “suddenly felt sick” and I fell.

assessment  = what you think happened to the pt

plan of care  = o2   drawsheet to bed pulse ox ect………