Month: February 2014

Code 2 ring down emt BLS

A lot of times before I call the hospital I will briefly write down what I am about to say. If you have been doing this for awhile you will figure out some hospitals are more anal than others so it doesn’t hurt to quickly put down a couple extra facts of the patient just for safe keeping . Here is how I lay it out.
Unit #__________ Co__________
Location address_____________________________________
A+O __________
BP_________ P___________ R____________time________
BP_________ P___________ R____________time________


I read an article where ems providers when giving a report they use S.O.A.P

subjective finding =what you saw   “found laying supine on the floor”

objective=what the pt felt        “suddenly felt sick” and I fell.

assessment  = what you think happened to the pt

plan of care  = o2   drawsheet to bed pulse ox ect………



EMT on the job food for thought

If there is something you don’t know or know how to spell on the job Ask!
IF your asking a nurse for advice and you get a good general impression of him or her meaning:
1. They haven’t been working all night being tired/crabby
2. They are generally friendly when you have a dialogue about the patient and his or her needs.

This can be an ok time maybe to ask just one question. It could be about a spelling of a drug or a protocol on how to do something.

These are the habits that you put in your pocket for life.