Month: October 2012

Women found unconscious

Interesting read. I try to imagine what I would do if in the medics shoes. I must admit I would have made some serious errors.


radial artery anatomical position

9799You might get a question that says what is the lateral bone of the arm. The answer is radial because in anatomical position the palms are facing out ward.

Radial pulse is always on the thumb side.


National registry EMT 2nd time take the test

Wow so talk about not being prepared. The questions were not the problem as much as some of the choices for answers. I had one question that said “What do you put into a red biohazard bag”? the choices were sharps needles /blood gloves /trauma dressings/ or bloody gown from pregnancy. What the? Was my first reaction. Boy was I confused. The only thinking was maybe they are all right except the needles answer. Yea it was insane. Anyway I am gonna post a video on this blog about my experience taking this test and what I did to study . If your stuck not passing the exam hopefully my words and advice will help. Or youll want to do what I did a year ago and take my book and throw it at NRemt web site and hope for the worst. But on the flip side I do see the reasoning behind the test. How bad do you want it? The people who dont quit no matter what….these are the overcomers. Be an overcomer!

God Bless
Praying that you pass!