Month: April 2012

Chapter 37 review Vehicle Extrication and Special resuce review answer

Once entrance and access to the patient have been provided, you should:

This one can be tricky because I always go for airway so to clarify the sequence here is what is in the school prep doc. If you as a emt-california see anything strange about this sequence or anything else that is out of whack please let me know so I can discuss it with my teacher.


1.            Providing medical care to a patient who is trapped in a vehicle is principally the same as for any other patient.

2.             Once entrance and access to the patient have been provided and the scene is safe, perform a primary assessment and provide care before further extrication begins.

a.      Provide manual stabilization to protect the cervical spine.

b.      Open the airway.

c.      Provide high-flow oxygen.

d.      Assist or provide for adequate ventilation.

e.      Control any significant external bleeding.

f.      Treat all critical injuries.


Wild kingdom today

We went to the skatepark for a minute and jack and ayden gave up pretty quick so we headed to the quick shop to get ourselves some

yummy slushy slush and as we got out of the car we noticed this dog. Strange yet appealing. So we said yes and headed over to the creature to see if he would maybe bite off jacks arm or something. Who knows sky is the limit.

After that we cruised home to the voice of my wife saying man you just missed it this hawk had bird lunch  in his mouth and suddenly dropped him from like 60 feet and it came slamming into the old gardening pots. As I examined the bird he looked like he was in shock. Did not see any blood coming out of the fella so I snapped a couple pictures for the heck of it. Our goonie dogs  were sniffing away waiting to pounce on this poor ol bird.

PS birdie died. The moral of the story is stay away from hawks they will choke slam you to your death.

Emt City College Vehicle Extrication simulation

The patient crashed his car and had a laceration on his for head and a right mid femur fracture. In this senerio I helped place a sager traction splint for this patient.Here are a couple pictures from the days adventures. Maybe we will do some tutorials in the future about students learning certain skills.


So if you are enrolled in the program for emt part of the curriculum is you have to do what the call a ride along. Basically its on the job training for ems students. You have the choice to do BLS or ALS calls. Obviously the students choose the 911 medic rigs. So this week I had to for go my first ride along with AMR. I really wont bore you with all the how the day went ect……..The shift I signed up for was the 10am Mon. You would think probably not going to be busy in sweet SF but low and behold you are correct/ it was not really that busy as anticipated. Both the medics and myself found our selves chilling quite a bit. But we did have one call and it was the first of the day around 1100 am.Here is what I wrote down in my journal on paper about a day after the incident.

Man Down on a side walk near my old house in Bay view HP. Asian Construction worker in his late 40’s laying supine on the side walk crunched near the last stair in front of the house. The construction workers partner called 911. Turns out when the employee found his boss unconscious in the back yard the guy for strange purposes dragged his boss through the hall way and onto the cold sidewalk ground. I would say about 5 minutes after 911 was phoned we showed up. EMS was the first on the scene. Even writing down the fact that the employee dragged his boss through a hall way and plopped his butt onto the side walk still seem out of whack to me. There could have been several reasons why he did that but at the time of the call your not interested in being johnny detective there is a man who is not breathing is pulse less and apneic. The medics started an IO while I was directed to conduct CPR. An oral airway was placed and ventilation began 30:2. This went on for a good five minutes. The EKG somewhere in that 5 min was being set up on the gentlemen. And after doing CPR and looking into the mans eyes you start to get tunnel vision and when the fire dept showed up I was asked to stop CPR and when I took a glance at the scene I though wow what a mess we made so fast. Wires all over the place. Packaging is flailing through the wind . Gosh how guys become medics I would say good job because I can’t even keep my closet clean for more than a day. So much stuff all in one clean shot. After taking a break from CPR I had a chance to look at the heart monitor and it wasnt very good news. Asystole was how the monitor read at the time. Still CPR and drugs and advanced airways were still being put into place. It was great training ground. I struggled when Nation Reg would say things like what is the ventilation for an advanced airway. I couldn’t wrap my mind around it because technically I have never seen an Adv Air W. but when one of the fire men said do you want to bag him I was all for it. 1 breath every 6-8 sec for breathing. I am pretty sure that’s how it goes.1126 and no signs of life. By this time police are on scene and one of the medics declares him dead. I did pray for this man but it all went so fast.To sum it all up I did feel sad because this person was dead on the ground and did anyone even care? No family around no children no joy. Just that cold cruel cement in a cold part of town.